Play a significant role in the pursuit of well-being in the broader sense of health.

Original and exclusive formulations

Scientific Accuracy: the Company is co-founded by Professor Gianfranco Liguri, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Florence. Thanks to this solid experience, Innbiotec develops product formulations to promote improved health and wellness.

University Cooperation: Collaboration and knowledge sharing with Italian and foreign universities.

Patented Products and Processes: We have over 15 national and international patents granted, further substantiating our years of research and development.

Bioavailable glutathione

Glutathione thioesters with long chain fatty acids, from our research. Patented.

Glutathione is our most important antioxidant, which frees our body from free radicals and toxins. Having normal levels of glutathione is essential for a proper functioning of the body, but several situations reduce glutathione levels in our cells. Normally, glutathione cannot be assimilated by the body because it is rapidly digested in the gut and is not able to cross the cell membrane, but - thanks to years of research - Innbiotec has made glutathione able to penetrate the cell membrane and therefore available to the body (bioavailable).


Polyphenols of Olea europea, patented applications of Oleuropein and its derivatives.

Oleuropein is a composite found in drupes and leaves of the olive tree. Together with other compounds such as lignans and other phenols derivatives such as Hydroxytyrosol (polyphenols of Olea Europea) is the most important bioactive principle of the olive oil. These polyphenols are responsible for cardioprotective, neuroprotective properties, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and anti-tumor of olive oil, which make it one of the nutraceutical foods more important of the Mediterranean diet.

Experiments in progress

At Innbiotec we are constantly looking for further applications for our biotechnology. Through our research we try to solve some of the biggest health issues, in order to improve people's wellbeing.

Currently, some areas of our research topics include: respiratory disorders, liver problems and neurodegenerative diseases.

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