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They have both qualities.

From both experimental and clinical studies. We can provide copies of the studies and related publications upon request. In addition, our experts are available to provide technical and scientific information by email.

The products in the DERMAINN line are all formulated for the most sensitive and delicate skin types. They are therefore suitable for all skin types.

A medical prescription is not required. However, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician, whether a general practitioner or specialist, or an experienced nutritionist.

There are no free samples but you can return them within 30 days of purchase and get a refund of the cost of the product.


The RENOVASE® Anti-Spot Serum is applied to the entire face, avoiding the eye area. It can also be used on hands and décolleté. It is recommended to repeat the application twice a day. It is preferable to use Renovase® Anti-Smudge Serum on skin that is not irritated by sun exposure.

The active ingredients in RENOVASE® Anti-stain Serum act as antioxidants and inhibitors of the synthesis of melanin, the skin pigment produced by melanocytes, carrying out a whitening action on the skin. Clinical studies confirm their effectiveness.

RENOVASE® Anti-Spot Stain Serum is designed for age-related skin hyperpigmentation and sunlight exposure; it is not effective against melanocytic and vascular nevi.

The first results are evident after 2-3 weeks, however the effectiveness of RENOVASE® Anti-Spot Serum and the speed of action may vary depending on the individual response to treatment.

No, RENOVASE® Anti-Smudge Serum does not contain any sun protection factors, so we recommend that you follow up your routine with the application of a specific sun protection for your face.

To date, no cases of allergic reactions to RENOVASE® Anti-Spot Serum have been recorded. It is recommended to read the package insert to take note of the formulation, in order to avoid the application in case there are ingredients for which the customer has already developed hypersensitivity reactions.


Simply apply BIOTRIKOS® once a day (preferably in the evening), using on dry hair the amount needed to wet the entire surface (typically, 3 mL per dm2). You must gently rub and massage the scalp with your fingers until the lotion is completely absorbed. Do not rinse.

It is recommended that the lotion be applied for eight-week cycles interrupted by four weeks off. Do not exceed the indicated frequency of use.

The first effects of BIOTRIKOS® are evident after at least three weeks of regular use. Efficacy and speed of action may vary depending on individual response to treatment.

Yes, BIOTRIKOS® should be used within three months of opening the bottle.

BIOTRIKOS® is formulated for topical use. It is well tolerated and does not irritate the scalp. However, individual hypersensitivity reactions are possible. Remember that sun exposure should be avoided for at least one hour after application of BIOTRIKOS®.

To date, no contraindications have been documented regarding the use of BIOTRIKOS®.

No, there are no known interactions between drugs normally used in the treatment of alopecia and BIOTRIKOS®.

Yes, the product is indicated for the treatment of degenerative disorders of the hair follicle of the scalp such as alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium.

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