Increasing low immune defenses

A deficiency in immune defenses does not guarantee
a total defense of our body

Liver problems and steatosis

Non-alcoholic liver steatosis: to improve liver metabolism in order to counteract hepatic fatty degeneration

Cardiopathy and cardiovascular risk

Heart disease, i.e. heart problems, is very common and occurs in several ways. Let us learn to take care of this vital organ for life.

High cholesterol and triglycerides

Cholesterol plays a key role in the health of our arteries and circulatory system

High blood glucose and metabolic syndrome

Blood glucose levels are an important and easy-to-monitor index to prevent serious disorders.

Lose weight and keep BMI correct

The body mass index is essential for optimal weight assessment in adults.

High blood pressure or hypertension

Hypertension causes a variety of disorders, such as simple headaches, which can change your life habits.

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